Anonymous said: Hey pretty please write some bigbang scenarios~ Chingu Hwaiting!

I will! Please note, I have not abandoned this blog… in fact, I’ve written and begun to write quite a few requested scenarios, but I’m swamped with school and such recently. As much as I want to write about Big Bang, I have to write math. The tragedy! 

Anonymous said: could you write a cute story first person story with Daesung, perhaps? =) maybe like... at a beach or something. it's a secret date <3

Of course, my dear! I’ll get right on it. :)

Hello, and Welcome :)

This is a brand new blog, hot off the press :)

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of scenario blogs popping up- people send in their requests or ideas for something written about a certain theme, and they get written about!

I thought it sounded like fun, so why not make a blog for writing these scenarios about a topic I know a lot about- BIG BANG :) A blog like this, or several, may already exist, but I’m sure we all offer different things to the table, so I hope nobody takes offense.

I may do posts on other kpop groups I feel I’m familiar enough to write around, if they’re requested, but I shall try and stay BB focused. Either way, I’ll be writing for you. 

I hope you all enjoy reading the posts to come! (if I get any requests at all!)

Note: I’ll also probably be posting other BB related things.

Thanks for reading <3 



Welcome! Here I'll be writing requested Big Bang/kpop related short stories and fluff.

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